Solid Steel Padlock
with Security Cylinder GR 5S

Padlock with reprogrammable cylinder GT.
Lost your keys?
Quickly replace the cylinder with a new one, or reprogramme
the existing one by changing pins' position.

  • 2 hardened pins on top
  • 2 hardened pins on bottom
  • 2 hardened anti-drill bars
  • 6 brass pins
  • 100.000 different locking combinations
  • Anti – bump pins
  • Anti – pick pins
fast warranty
1 Special protection cylinder plate
to protect the cylinder from drilling


  • Solid brass lock body for extra strength & resistance against corrosion
  • Ball bearing locking for extra resistance to torsion & pull attacks
  • GT cylinder with 12 pin cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins for extra protection against picking
  • Hardened alloy steel shackle for extra strength against bolt cutter
  • Patented system for quick hook change