Choose Us and Gain a
Competitive Advantage

The quality of our products has established our reputation
and competencies on the security products market.

Join HUGO LOCKS’ exclusive sales network and take advantage of:
  • An unbeatable combination of products’ quality and competitive prices
  • Modern product and packaging design
  • Pre and after sales support
  • Advanced Logistics securing optimal processes and short lead times

What kind of partners
are we Looking for?

We are looking for long-term partnerships that will
help us retain our competitive edge and secure
profits for both parties

  • Wholesalers
  • Chain Stores
  • Local Hardware Stores


24 Hours Order Execution

A Combination of Top Performance
and Reliability in Record Time

All orders are executed efficiently using our advanced logistics procedures,
with impressive precision and almost zero omissions.

Advanced Operations

Sophisticated Logistics Procedures and Operational Excellence
is an ongoing effort, focusing on delivering high quality services

  • Cutting-edge technology in our 15.000m² Logistics Center
  • State-of-the-art electronic and mechanical equipment
  • Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
  • Bar code scanners and voice picking

Almost 100% Stock Availability

Our goal is the excellent service in product deliveries
in order to make our clients feel confident and rely on us

  • Our clients can take advantage of the large stock we hold in our warehouse
  • Create space for new products
  • Free up capital

Personalised solutions
to your queries!

Contact our sales team 12h per day to:

  • Get a quote within 24 hours
  • Place an order using our Online B2B Ordering System
  • Receive updates on your current orders
  • Communicate with your Personal Account Manager

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