Production Process

We design and manufacture high quality products,
with maximum durability and we portray an excellent image,
as we always engage top quality raw materials and advanced design

The intelligent combination of well tried and tested production techniques
and state-of-the-art machine processes, guarantees first class quality and enables us
to strike the ideal balance between safety and ergonomic design.

The technologically advanced production processes and the continuous tough endurance
tests of each product separately, allow us to ensure that they can obstruct all kinds
of abuse by burglars, classifying HUGO LOCKS products in the global
elite of security products.


Our dedicated design department for packaging development is always up-to-date on the market’s and design’s trends

The result is attractive and practical packages which are easy to be placed on stands, supporting your store’s sales.

HUGO LOCKS packaging adds convenience in the distribution process and plays an important role in securing product safety during transportation.



Production processes and control are certified
in accordance to ISO 9001:2015 standards

Quality Standards

Improvement and perfection of the entire company’s processes as well as a quality management system is our organization’s main concern and we want this to be reflected in all areas of our work

All of our cylinders’ lines conform to UNI EN 1303 European Standard,
validating their resistance to physical attack, durability and security